Karmic Relationship and Who is Your Perfect Partner?

When people talk about karmic relationships they often assign to it a relationship that is often unstable and filled with unhealthy behavioral patterns and instantly people are told to avoid them since it will bring nothing good. However, karmic numerology reveals that all people we come across are our challenges and tests, and we have a specific archetype of the person that we will be most attracted to. That archetype has positive and negative traits and often people may be attracted to the negative side of that archetype, for example, women often choose “bad boys” to have a relationship with, then they start to complain about his vices, cheating or not a great attitude towards her.

All relationships are karmic, we agreed with other souls before incarnation that we will meet and work on our unfinished tasks. When a person is attracted to the negative archetype it is because she/he has the karmic codes in a negative state. Even when we are attracted to a positive archetype throughout the relationship after 2,3 years or even after 5-10 years the person can change some traits to negative ones as we will be triggering this by manifesting some karmic codes in a negative state.

When a woman falls in love, she forms an idealized image of her partner in her mind, focusing only on his positive qualities and disregarding others’ opinions. However, as they navigate daily life together, she starts to recognize his imperfections. The flaws become apparent, and the man transitions from being a hero to a regular individual with his own set of issues, emotions, and aspirations. He, too, experiences feelings of distress, loneliness, or hurt.

If the woman is unable to accept her partner, it can lead to claims and accusations. “I thought you were someone else! How could you act like this or do that!” The relationship gradually deteriorates, and the connection between the spouses grows colder. However, all of this could have been prevented. It’s important to remember that our loved ones reflect our behavior back to us.

Take a look at them and recognize those same qualities within yourself. If you’re unhappy with your husband’s behavior, you may need to address your own issues first. Additionally, consider examining the Karmic Matrix to understand how your partner can be in a positive state, which can provide the motivation needed for change.

Where to look at to see your perfect match?

Looking at the Karmic Matrix find it under the heart sign that is located between G and J points, is responsible for the image of an ideal partner. Its manifestations can be both negative and positive.

We also often make claims against our man based on our karmic codes standing on the male line. These are points M1 and M2.

To calculate your matrix, open the Karmic Calculator, note these three codes from these points and see if the decoding matches your present. If not, there is some work to be done here.

Decoding the Karmic Codes

3 Code

Your partner is a true support and an exemplary father. He handles all household tasks, takes care of the children, installs appliances, and prepares meals. You can confidently entrust your child and pets to him. Additionally, he is highly creative, attentive, and takes good care of himself.

4 Code

It’s like having a solid support with a man like that. He may not say much, but he takes action. While you’re still contemplating something, he’s already made decisions and sorted things out. He might forget the anniversary of your first kiss, but he’ll remember your dust allergy and instruct you to clean it up when you arrive.

5 Code

He’s incredibly captivating to listen to, as he’s a wealth of knowledge. He’s well-versed in a wide range of subjects, comprehends everything, and is available for support at any time. He can serve as a mentor, teacher, or sage. He values rules and traditions; family is not just a mere phrase to him, but an integral part of life.

6 Code

A man with a sense of style. He knows how to dress and coordinate furniture and wallpaper in a room. Your friends will all enjoy his company and have tea with him. He is sociable and good-natured, preferring a beneficial partnership over conflict, and can find common ground with anyone.

7 Code

A man who is active, a traveler, and an achiever. He is always on the move, never idle, and expects the same from others. He knows how to delegate tasks and is reliable. He takes responsibility and handles everything himself.

8 Code

He’s like a melody. Authoritative, robust. He may be part of the government system, an official, or a representative of law enforcement agencies. Advancing his career, maintaining his status, and reaching new heights are important to him. At the same time, he knows how to unwind and enjoys lively company.

9 Code

This man is a recluse and an explorer. He requires personal space to recharge and take a break from family. However, he is wise, intelligent, and engaging to converse with, even in silence. He is also romantic, enjoys moonlit walks, and the rustling of autumn leaves.

10 Code

A social man who can charm anyone. He excels at engaging with people, and even more so when not constrained by a tight schedule. With him, everything is always easy, straightforward, sincere, and warm. He believes in miracles and knows that luck is on his side.

11 Code

A forceful man. He has abundant energy and finds it challenging to stay in one place. He’s always on the move and actively engaged in various activities. You might even find yourself agreeing to relocate to another country or embark on an adventure in the wilderness with him. He’ll even get the bears to do push-ups there.

12 Code

A supportive male figure. He is always there to provide support, embrace, and assistance. His family and children are of great importance to him. He may work as a teacher, doctor, or physical therapist. He possesses musical talents and knows how to find unconventional solutions to situations.

13 Code

You’ll never be bored with a man like this. He’s either riding a motorcycle, renovating something, or just closed a multimillion-dollar deal, and then decided to add a garage to the house. In emergency situations, he remains composed and acts decisively and harmoniously.

14 Code

He’s a visionary. He possesses a pure and sensitive soul, perceiving the world differently and experiencing it with heightened sensitivity. While he may not solve all problems, he excels in his field. He pursues significant projects and sees them through to fruition.

15 Code

A commanding and charismatic man who is decisive and perceptive. He sees through people and at times, through his actions and words, encourages their growth. He is adept at leadership, knows how to unwind in lively gatherings, and appreciates the pleasures of life.

16 Code

This man exudes tranquility. He is composed, restrained, and possesses a strong inner core. When he looks at you, it may feel as though he sees right through you, understanding your fears, dreams, and desires, even if he chooses not to vocalize it. He is intelligent, wise, and comprehends the workings of the world.

17 Code

A man who enjoys being in the spotlight, captivating the public, and maintaining a striking appearance at all times. He may be artistic, a healer, or excel in a creative field. For instance, if he’s a surgeon, he may challenge the department with his unconventional approaches that prove to be effective.

18 Code

A mysterious romantic with a rich inner world. He is sensitive, composed, and tender. His soul remains enigmatic as he is introspective, harboring his own thoughts, dreams, and fantasies. Surprisingly, his visualized dreams often manifest into reality.

19 Code

A powerhouse of energy. Radiating strength and joy, he is always engaged in meaningful pursuits with such finesse and enthusiasm that you can’t help but want to join in. He’ll go sledding with the children, sneak a big bite of cotton candy from them, and construct a home where everyone feels content, bright, and spacious.

20 Code

A man with a clear sense of purpose in life. Serene, wise, and rational. He values family, looks after it, and advocates for its interests. He may be someone who influences global processes, striving to make the world a better place.

21 Code

A man with broad perspectives. He doesn’t assess situations from just one angle, recognizing that a single image can be perceived differently from various viewpoints. He may speak multiple languages, possess an understanding of history, literature, and more. He adores children and desires a large family.

22 Code

A man who embodies the spirit of celebration. Like Mrs. Doubtfire for his children. Embracing freedom, humor, and constant cheer

From this description, you can paint a portrait of your man. To help him embody these qualities in real life, you need to work through all these codes yourself and focus on self-improvement. You’ll then witness positive changes in your life!

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