The Personal Resources

One of the main resources of the person is the Day of his birth, in the Life Star Matrix it is indicated in point A. In the karmic numerology method, we use numbers from 1st to 22nd, which are the karmic codes. Everything beyond that is reduced in a numerological way. Thus if you were born on dates from 23rd to 31st of any month, then the numbers must be added up among themselves, to obtain a number that is lower than 22.

The day of birth is one of the karmic codes in your life, it indicates your potential, your resource and determines some of your character traits. Usually these manifest in your personality, if this karmic code is balanced then most of the positive characteristics will be active in your way of being. As a rule, this is one of the most “positive” karmic codes, but often we meet people with the opposite state when the person does not use the resource given to him and unconsciously chooses to float in the negative side of things.

This happens because its location is included in a special zone of the Life Star Matrix, which is responsible for parent-child relationships. The parents in each of us had to form some kind of limiting attitudes and beliefs through their actions (or inactions). Why so? – Because it is these qualities that we lack to accomplish in our personality. Those factors will prevent us from opening access to our resource. And the task of every person is to work out these limitations and grow up not only externally, but also internally.

And if we do not work out these limitations, then, people act like little offended boys and girls, they will tend to transfer these into relationships but already with their children. Unconsciously repeating what they once did not like or they were put into obstacles, or, on the contrary, they will act quite the opposite going to the other extreme, that also is not going to bring you anywhere good.

1. A woman decided to educate her daughter the same way as her parents did with her by being demanding and rigid so that she can grow a strong personality in her daughter, the result will be quite the opposite.
2. A man after experiencing a lot of restrictions in his childhood decided that he will do the opposite to his son, so he lets his son have total freedom without imposing any rules or limitations letting him be in control of almost everything in an attempt to give him a better childhood. As a result, this will develop an infantile personality, being irresponsible, with no respect towards others, egocentric, etc.
Both these cases will block the resource codes to work in their positive manifestation. The resource karmic code will not be working in his favor.

These examples are the extremes that people can experience in their childhood which impacts the resource karmic code manifestation. The task is to overcome those limitations and negative attitudes and then the resource code activates giving you the possibility to grow much faster.

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