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  • Forecast Reading. Your Opportunities and Challenges of The Year.

    45 $

    This is a karmic report (reading) featuring your challenges of the year as well called the Year’s Codes. This is a Year(Cycle) Forecast reading, that will point you to the possibilities, opportunities, and challenges you may meet during this period of time.

    The forecast is based not on the calendar year but on your date of birth cycle. For example, if you were born on 25th August then the year cycle begins from 25th August current year and finishes roughly the next year as well on 25th August.

    If you would like to have the forecast for a different period of time please let us know in the request form.

    You will receive the reading within 72 hours.

    Note this is a Mini reading, if you would like a year prediction reading where I look into all areas of your life including relationship, love, career, money, and guidance please buy the Full Prediction Package.

    Thank you ♥

  • Karmic Codes Shadow Work Workbook.


    This book is available on Amazon only in printed form. Click HERE to get it. There is no digital download available.

    A hands-on practice guide, on how to reprogram your karma and reprogram your negative thinking, learning to think positive at all times. A unique approach with a proven in-time method that has worked for many.

    This is a transformational book for those looking for self-help and self-growth. It will help you understand your own karmic lessons and will guide you through liberating your consciousness and subconsciousness from negative patterns of thinking. It will improve your vision of people, the world, and yourself.

    Access your negative subconscious mindsets and learn to rewire them, as a result, you become free from limitations, you gain more self-confidence, and self-love and learn to be in harmony with yourself and others. You will learn to live more consciously and in awareness. Life becomes brighter, success comes easy!

    Empowering you to manifest the best events for you.


  • Money and Career Reading

    65 $

    Find out what is your true calling, what skills you can easily master. Discover what impediments you have in your career or business. Find the reasons behind lack of money or loss of money. Find out ways to regain your potential and start getting the money you need or want.

    This is a money and career reading based on karmic numerology, fill in the form with the necessary information for an accurate report.

    The report will be sent to your email within 72 hours.

  • Relationship Reading.

    49 $

    This is a karmic numerology reading. Based on the date of birth, I look at your personal life star matrix and find the reasons behind your issue, providing you a report 1-2 pages and as well giving you guidance on what to do to fix or improve your situation.

    To have a more accurate karmic reading I will need you to provide some details about yourself and what relationship issue you have. Fill in the form below.

    Why I can’t find my love? When I will meet my love?
    Why I can’t find the right person? Why I attract only bad guys? 
    How to fix my relationship with my partner?
    How to fix my relationship with my mother/father?

    If you have one of these questions or similar to the described above then this reading is for you!

  • The 22 Karmic Codes Guide. The Cheatcode to Your Life

    24 $

    This is the 22 karmic codes guide book that reveals the karmic lessons and challenges each person has. It is an excellent book for those looking for self-discovery and self-growth. It will help you understand the karmic lessons for yourself and others. It will reveal most of the reasons behind all of your behaviors, life issues, and even illnesses.

    This book is the 1st step to knowing your true self, it reveals the traits each soul has come to develop. It shows you what challenges you will meet in your path, what skills and abilities are easy for you to develop and which of them you came to work out and strive to develop no matter the feeling you are inept.

    Karmic Numerology tells us about our true purposes, it reveals our soul’s reasons for incarnating, having his goals and tasks, and helps us discover the reasons behind issues with money, relationship, and health.

    Note this is a digital book! You may buy the printed book on Amazon

  • What is My Purpose & Mission. Reading

    99 $

    Discover your mission and the 4 life purses your soul has. Reveal your potential and understand your true calling. Obtain insights about the direction of your life paths.
    Receive guidance on how to fulfill your missions.

    This is a Karmic Numerology reading, to have a more accurate karmic codes assessment it is necessary to provide information that you need to fill in the form below.