What is Spiritual Awakening

Karma acts in the name of spiritual awakening. We live in an illusory world that we believe in and we attract events around us without even realizing it. Spiritual awakening makes you aware of the universal laws, that the world’s existence and meaning is beyond what you were taught in school.

Spiritual awakening can come gradually and it can come as well suddenly, from eye-opening information, when finally the “puzzles” come together in your head. You start to understand much more and start seeing things in a different angle.

You start to see the ego and separate from it, you start to see how you limited yourself and placed yourself in certain frames that kept you away from the real you. You begin to rethink your life goals, you start to reprogram your thoughts and start changing your behaviors even. You become more understanding; you become more balanced and give less importance to material things. Understanding that the real richness are inside you and that abundance will follow you once you fill abundant inside.

Spiritual awakening has different levels and different depths. However, the effect is felt even at the very beginning. Awakening will affect everything, including your body, your heart, and subtle energies.

You learn to understand the unconditional love for everything and everyone, even those you hated or disliked you start to see why they acted so and start to see their life challenges and feel for them and accept them as they are. They actually are the mirrors of what you need to work out in yourself. You met them to remind yourself of your goals. They have their own path and they irritated you solely because you needed this to pop up in your attention. 

You start to dissolve fears that were with you for so many years.  An example from my life, I was scared to the death of butterflies by my brother-in-law in childhood, this fear followed me in my adulthood. Once I almost jumped from the car while it was on the move since a butterfly got through the opened window. This was a shock even for me, what fear can do to me. I released this fear years later only by working with awareness and unconditional love. 

Spiritual awakening is when you become aware of your spirit and soul, and connect faster, and easier with your every part.

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