How Can I Heal Myself?

Healing comes once you free yourself from all the negative residue you generated or accumulated from complaints, fears, limitations, resentment, etc. Freeing yourself is actually accepting the existence of these in your life and feeling and expressing true gratitude for every experience you had, especially the painful ones, the cruel ones, even those “ I will never forgive her/him this” or  “this person doesn’t deserve to be forgiven” etc..

Forgiving is not easy, but it comes along with understanding the laws of the universe, the karmic laws and it comes with awareness.

Be here and now observing the direction of your thoughts, observing your reactions, observing your impulse actions, and taking notes immediately asking yourself, is it positive thought? is it a good reaction? Did I proceed like this out of positive feelings or due to negative ones?

Ask yourself; does this thought come from my logic or from my heart? Are my certain reactions having a positive or negative veil?

It all starts from self-assessment, be it written or done in your head, analyzing yourself, your actions, thoughts, and reaction helps find the exact karmic breaches that you are calling for.

In our days, psychologists apply successfully treatments for healing, improving mental health of people based on awareness but they obviously do use smart complicated names for simple things calling it Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

They successfully treat depression, anxiety and different mental health conditions.

What they actually do, is make the person stop his negative mental beliefs and streams. Reprograming the person’s perception, opens up his eyes to the real world, making the person be here and now. Awakening him from his own illusory world that he himself build with his thoughts and actions based on the fact that life is miserable, life is hard, life is survival, and so on.

These beliefs and thoughts are nothing but the result of bad decisions, and beliefs taken during karmic challenges from the very birth. The more challenges and karmic tests you fail the harder it becomes to get out of the hole since it wraps your head with negative smog-like thoughts.

The CBT is a great reprogramming tool and actually an advancement in psychology. However, I found it more of a surface technique, it does work mostly with the present, recent feelings, beliefs and so on. This is why it cannot provide a full healing and recovery since there are so many aspects to humans mind and so many levels of awareness, and the deeper reasons behind illnesses are omitted.

Look at this like it picks up the top rotten layers from a cabbage and leaving the small dark spot underneath as unimportant and “gluing” new leafs on top. With time those small dark spots will spread inside, making the spots grow and then breaking through the newer layers, contaminating them as well.

It is often the choice of doctors to treat the symptoms instead of getting to the actual root of the problem and treating the patient accordingly. It is as if they are looking forward to meet you again, placing you on an “invisible” monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. You find yourself coming back over and over again with the same issue or similar issue until it gets to the next level when they solely advise “cutting” what is “broken”.

Practices that are more efficient are forgiveness practices, pulling out old childhood resentments, guilt and other negative moments, and emotions – neutralizing them with forgiveness, this what truly heals and lets you deal with the present much easy.

Gratitude practices increase your vibrations and transform your bad habit into a good one. Instead of contemplating and keeping your attention on negative events, you learn to concentrate on good events. You start transforming the negative events in good ones once you perceive a bad event as a lesson, an experience you needed to get and you feel grateful to the universe that has shown you what you need to see, and what you need to improve.

Correct Positive Affirmations are as well a powerful tool that comes in handy. However, the affirmations do not work much if the person has not corrected their mindset. Sprinkling affirmations on top of negative patterned thinking will not do much, if not worse gaining more claims to the universe, to people, and to himself.

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