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  • The 22 Karmic Codes Guide. The Cheatcode to Your Life

    24 $

    This is the 22 karmic codes guide book that reveals the karmic lessons and challenges each person has. It is an excellent book for those looking for self-discovery and self-growth. It will help you understand the karmic lessons for yourself and others. It will reveal most of the reasons behind all of your behaviors, life issues, and even illnesses.

    This book is the 1st step to knowing your true self, it reveals the traits each soul has come to develop. It shows you what challenges you will meet in your path, what skills and abilities are easy for you to develop and which of them you came to work out and strive to develop no matter the feeling you are inept.

    Karmic Numerology tells us about our true purposes, it reveals our soul’s reasons for incarnating, having his goals and tasks, and helps us discover the reasons behind issues with money, relationship, and health.

    Note this is a digital book! You may buy the printed book on Amazon